1st Write about your food diary.
2nd Play some games to review.
3rd Kahoot.

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Made with Padlet

SOME/ANY                                                                THERE IS/ARE

5th Grade. IT'S Time to say goodbye

Dear pupils!
It's time to say goodbye to our pen-friends and our Turkish and Greek friends. Click twice a port you farewell!!!!!

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Dear pupils,
It's time to work on our last project activities.
1st write a draft about your SUMMER letter
Deadline is Tuesday for 5ºB and Wednesday for 5ºA
Write about what you like doing , where you like going during summer. Where are you going to go in Summer? Summer bilingual vocabulary. Summer festivals and special celebrations. This is our last letter so you sould say goodbye...
Do you need some help?

Hello ........ ,
Thank you for your spring letter, it was fantastic.
In Spain we have lessons at school till 23rd June and then we have summer holidays. On the 9th June we celebrate La Rioja day and the 11th is our Saint patron San Bernabé.
In summer time I like playing in the park and going to the swimming pool with my friends. .....
I like going to my village ...  and ride my bike, play ....
In Spain my villages and cities celebrate summer festivals where you can eat typical food, dance and enjoy it with your family.
As you know Spain is well known because of its beaches and beautiful places to enjoy summer time. If you visit Spain sure you like it!
This summer I’m going to ..... go to the beach with my family
Beach        Playa             Swimming pool    Piscina              Summer         Verano               
Sun            Sol                Sea                        Mar                   Hot                 Calor           
Holidays   Vacaciones    Sun glasses           Gafas de sol      Ice cream        Helado
Sand          Arena            Swimsuit/trunks    Bañador           Flip flops         Chancletas
It was fantastic to be your pen friend!
Thank you for your letters and I wish you all the best!

Happy Summer!

2nd Make an envelope

3rd Summer handcraft 
4th Summer Padlet