Where did you and your friends or family were last weekend?


  1. Last saturday, my family and I, were go to my town.
    Next, were go to my home and study.
    Last sunday, I was go to play with my friends.
    Next, I was go to the bowling.

  2. Miguel VIllanueva Espila8 February 2016 at 10:30

    Last weekend I was with my family in my village because is a party called " Los Quuintos ", and my cousin was one of them.
    The " Quintos " are the people eighteen birthday year. ¡ I realy enjoied but later, i was in the parade.

  3. I was at home playing in my computer whit a my friend Adrian.
    My dad and my brother were at the park but I didn't go.I went to the supermarket with my friends and my mum. I like this weekend!!!

  4. I was at the sports stadium and my dad was at home last weekekend.
    My mum was at the supermarket but my grand parents were at the hospital last weekend.
    My cousins were in a hotel and my uncles were at home last weekend.
    My dad was in a sports center but muy aunt was at the swimming pool last weekend.