Where did you and your friends or family were last weekend?


  1. Last saturday, my family and I, were go to my town.
    Next, were go to my home and study.
    Last sunday, I was go to play with my friends.
    Next, I was go to the bowling.

  2. Miguel VIllanueva Espila8 February 2016 at 10:30

    Last weekend I was with my family in my village because is a party called " Los Quuintos ", and my cousin was one of them.
    The " Quintos " are the people eighteen birthday year. ¡ I realy enjoied but later, i was in the parade.

  3. I was at home playing in my computer whit a my friend Adrian.
    My dad and my brother were at the park but I didn't go.I went to the supermarket with my friends and my mum. I like this weekend!!!

  4. I was at the sports stadium and my dad was at home last weekekend.
    My mum was at the supermarket but my grand parents were at the hospital last weekend.
    My cousins were in a hotel and my uncles were at home last weekend.
    My dad was in a sports center but muy aunt was at the swimming pool last weekend.

  5. In the last weekend:
    I was in my house.
    My sister go to the birthday whit friend.
    My mum in the parade floats.
    my dad in the parade floats.

  6. Last wekend were witch my friends in the main square and later my and my family were in a cofee shop .My mum was in the supermarket . My dad was at home and my grandmother was in the shopping centre . My cousin was in the main square witch her friends .

  7. In the last weekend:
    -I was in the adarraga track.
    -My sister was in my house but next she went to the coach.
    -My dad and my mum were in Sansebastian.
    -My friends were in the park.

  8. Hello, I'm Raquel. Last weekend, I was in the Carnaval Parade.
    My mum, was at the cineman at half past five.
    My dad, was in her bedroom at twelve o'clock.
    My brother was at the school at half past eight.
    My friend Lucía, was in the park at six o'clock.
    My friend María, was in the theater at half past six.

  9. -I was at the marching on carnival ride and my brother was at the library
    -I was at the bed and my brother in the living room
    -My dad was at the concessionaire but my mum was at the living room
    -My brother was at the bedroom but my dad was at the shopping center

  10. I was at the cinema at ten past but my mum was at the shopping centre.
    On saturday I was studing social sciences.
    I was playing with my friends but I wasn´t at home.
    I was doing my homework

  11. I was at the supermarket at 15:35, but my sister was at the home at 15:35
    My mother was at the home at 19:05, but my dad was at the work at 6:45
    My aunt was at the sports stadiums at 16:10, but my cousin at the home at 16:10.
    My uncle was at the airport at 11:00, but my grandmother at the kitchen at 11:00.

  12. Hello! I´m Millán. Last weekand,Jack was at the cinema and Jorge was at the sports stadium.
    My mum was at the post office because my dad was at the airoport.
    My brother was at the rugby class and my sister was at the teatre.
    Miguel was at the village because David was at the carnival parade.

  13. Last wekend were with my frend in the carnabal later we won the second prize but only or we got one trophy for all.
    The next day I spent the whole day at home resting.
    At the next day to school.

  14. -My sister was the park on yesterday at 5:30.
    -My friends and me were to the ferer spots in my birthay at 4:00.
    -My friend Ainhoita was the shopping centres on friday at 8:15

  15. I was at the botanical garden yesterday, and my cousing was at the survenir shop.
    Andrea and Irache were at the theme park at 4 o'clock.
    My dad and his sister were at shopping center at 8 o'clock.
    Carla was at the airport yesterday but her sister was at post office.

  16. In the last wekend
    -I was to walk with my dog.
    -My sister it was with her friends.
    -My dad was to walk in the mountain bike.
    -My mum and me were at the supermarket.

  17. -I was at the brithday by Estela but then I went to the parade
    -My brother was at tha playing a football but then he went to the ride
    -My sister was at the the parade and then to dinner
    -My dad was at the watching the game football my brother

  18. I was my family go the park at the 6:00.
    My friends Estelita go the cinema at the 7:00.
    My family go the supermarker at the 8:00.

  19. I was my family go to the cinema and go to my home at 8:00 but my siter not go the cinema.
    My friends goes to them park at 9:00, the supermarket center at 10:00 and goes to the home.

  20. Yun Berrar Torre8 February 2016 at 10:43

    My dad go to the supermarket at five o'clock last weekend.
    My mum go to the barbed shop at half past four last weekend.
    Ivanna go to the gym at seven o'clock last weekend.
    Andrea go to the carnival party at half past five last weekend.

  21. Last wekend were with my family the field and met a dog.

    Then I went to the parade.
    Later I was to my home

  22. Iwas at the teatre at twenty-five to five but my sister was at home.
    My aunt and my cousin were at the shopping center at half past one because i was in my home.
    My mum was at the airport but my dad and my sister weren't at the swiming pool.
    I wasn't at my home because my friends were at the park.

  23. Lucia Borreguero8 February 2016 at 11:20

    I was at the home of Estela and my sister she was at home.
    My mum was at the cinema with my dad.
    Sunday I was with my friends in the park and my mum was at home.
    My sister was at home with her friends.
    Saturday I was marching with Miguel and Raquel at the parade.

  24. I was the Estela`s birthday
    I was the home Estela and sleeping
    I was to the park with Estela Ainhoa and Lucia
    I was the cinema
    I was the shopping center with mi sister

  25. last wekend I was at the " Soo montaditos" at 9 o'clock.
    My cousin he go at the Lurel street at six pas twenty-five.
    My dad he go at the parade at six to quarter.
    My grandma she go at the home.

  26. I was at the park with my friends.
    My brother was in my house becouse he has homework.
    My mum was in the market at six o´clock.
    My dad was in the mountain at half past seven.

  27. miguel fernandez8 February 2016 at 11:25

    -I`was at house at saturday but I`was in Carnival parade dressed of Ghostbusters in Sunday
    -My mum was in the sopping center in saturday but in sundey was watching the parade dressed.
    -My brother was in house plaing play station 4 in saturday but in
    sunday was in a discotheque.
    -My pather was in house working in computer in saturday but in sunday was tacking photos.

  28. Martín Hernández Tonzan8 February 2016 at 11:26

    Last weekend I was in many sites.
    In monday I was at the cinema.
    In tuesday my sister was at the stadium sports.
    In wednesday my dad was at the library.
    In tuesdey my mum was at the supermarket.
    In friday I was at one band of music.
    In saturday I was play a basketball match
    In Sunday my family were go to the Circus of the Sun

  29. Hello, my name is Andrés,and mi family do this the last friday.
    Last Friday I was at the carnival at my school.
    Last Friday my brother was at the carnival at my school.
    Last Friday my mather was at the carnival at my school.
    Last friday my father was at the carnival at my school.

    As we all did the same dire did on Saturday:
    Last Saturday I was in a basketball game.
    Last saturday mi brother was in the supermarket.
    Last Saturday my mather was in my home.
    Last Saturday my father was in the supremarket.

  30. Last weekend I was at park at half past five.
    My auncle and my cousing were in the museum at twety past ten of morning.
    Nekane was at the carnival party at six o'clok.
    My sister was at the bar at twenty to seven.
    Lucía was at her home at five past four.

  31. Last wekend were with my friend Mario.
    Then they were to the park.
    Later they were to basketball mach .
    Last of all they were in my house .

  32. Mario Caballero.8 February 2016 at 11:28

    l was in carnaval at five o clock,but my mother was in a birthay.
    My sister was in Lardero but my family were in Logroño.
    My was in a basket much,but then were my and Diego in the playgraund.
    My family were in my home at ten o clock,but then were in the park.
    l was in the zoo at seven of the nigth,then my family were in the snow.

  33. I was at the carnival party on friday at my school.
    I was in saturday at home playing PLAY STATION 4.
    I was in saturday afternoon playing football with my friends.
    I was in sunday goes vermouth.
    I was in sunday afternoon playing table games.

  34. Friday I went to school carnival.
    Saturday I went to Estela's birthday but then i went to the carnival parade.
    And my sister was to my grandmother's house.
    Sunday i went to the park with my cousin.

  35. Last wekend was a carnival,i was
    I dressed up as rock with my cousin.
    after launched firecrackers.
    i was with friends and I had a great

  36. I was at the school but my sister was at home last weekend.
    My mum was at the supermarket last weekend.
    I was in the park with my friends last fridey but my mum wasn't with me.
    My dad, my sister and me were at aunt's birthday last sunday.
    My sister was with her friends in the parade last saturday.

  37. Last wekend .- I was at the birthday by Estela but then I went to the parade.
    -My dad was in the living room.
    -My mother was in the kitchen
    -My sister was in the shopping center.

  38. The last wekend was whit my friens in the Carnival Pareid, my sister was in the sopping center whit my mum and my dad.
    Then were in the cofee shop.
    Then were at home whit my family.

  39. Saturday, in the afternoon I was with my friends in carnival.The parade was very well.
    When we finished we went home and I playing cards with my friends in my house.

  40. Last wekend,I were with my friends and we are palaying football.When we finish, I was at the park playing whit my bicycle...I ended up sweating.
    This day was spent with great friends.I was very happy.

    Be Gabriel

  41. Last saturday i went to the parade at eight o'clock.
    Last saturday I went to the handball's stadium at half past eleven.
    Yesterday I was at home at half past seven.
    Yesterday I was at the park at four o'clock.