What fruits and vegetables do you like? liskes and dislikes
What fruit and vegateables did you eat yesterday?
When is winter in South Africa?
When do lemons and oranges grow in South Africa?
What are the ingredients of waterblommetjiebredie?


  1. I like apples but i don`t like aubergines. I ate bananas and pears yesterday. In South Africa is winter from June to August. In South Africa lemons and oranges grows in Spring. The ingredients of waterblommetjiebredie are 1kg of lamb, 1 large onion, 2 cloves garlic, olive oil, crushed coriander seeeds, cloves, potatoes, lamb stock, lemon, salt and pepper.

  2. I like cherries and avocado but I don´t like spinach.
    I ate orange.
    Is winter from june to august.
    They grom in spring.
    Are lamb, onion, cloves garlic, olive oil, crushed coriander seeds, cloves and potatoes

  3. Hello my name is Daniel.My favourite fruit is a strawberry and the vegetable is a carrot .I ate bananas and strawberries, I don't ate vegetable. In South Africa is winter from June to August.The lemons and oranges grow in spring.The ingredient of waterblommetjie bredie is a potatoe , onion and olive oli.

  4. Lucía Borreguero20 April 2015 at 11:27

    I like carrots and cherries,but I don't like espinach and rapsberries.
    I ate a orange and espinach.
    From June to August.
    In spring.
    Lamb shanks,waterblommetjies,2 mediums onions,chopped,potatoes and 1 blak pepper

  5. Hello my name is Eva .My favourite fruit is apple and the vegetebles is a carrot.I ate mandarin.I don't like vegetables. In south Africa is winter in june to agoust.The lemons and oranges grow to spring. The ingredients of waterblommetjie bredie is lamb, potatoes,large onion y olive oil.

  6. I like grapes, cherries,spinach,orange,apple and mandarin.
    I ate yesterday banana,pomegranate, kiwi and apple.
    Winter in south africa is in june to august.
    The lemon and orange grow in spring.
    The ingredients for waterblmmetjiebredie is 1 kg lamb-1 kg lamb - knuckles, neck 1 kg waterblommetjies - cleaned and dirty bits cut off

  7. I like apples, bananas and aurbegines, but I don't like cauliflower, onions and peres.
    I eat bananas orange strawberries and lettuce yesterday.
    Winter is from June to August in south Africa.
    Lemons and oranges do grow of spring.
    The ingredents of waterblommetjiebredie is cloves, potatoes, lemmon, pepper and lamb.