Hello Friends! My name is Sarah and last Saturday I went shopping in Logroño. I went to the library and I read a music magazine. It was very interesting. On Sunday I went to a friend's house and we watched a film on TV! It was fantastic!

What did you do last weekend?


  1. Hello Sarah! I,m eva.I,m 11 years old.I like going shopping to my friends and horse riding. Is very interesting. I like the animals, too.
    bye, bye

  2. Hello Sara! My name is Iván and last Saturday I went to a chess competition in Navarrete. I went to a friend's house. On Sunday I went to my grandparent's house with my cousins.

  3. Hello Friends.My name is laura and saturday game of baloncesto.I to eat to the cortigo also dine. I was very interesting.On Sunday I went going to the cinema and listening to mucic on concert.It fantastic

  4. How are you Sarah? Our names are Laura G. and Ashia. Last Saturday Laura was ill and I, Ashia, went to visit her at her house. On Sunday Laura was ill. And I went to the market and I bought new clothes.
    Bye and write us soon!!!!!:P :) :D ;)

  5. Hello Sarah, my name is Aarón and the last Saturday I played with my PS3 and wached the TV. I went shopping with my cousins and my aunts.

  6. Hello my name is jorge and andy i like play footboll is my favorit sport i live in logroño and is weekend were in the square
    l playing football in valcuerna bye wish you a happy carnival and get is passes very well

  7. Nekane Estalayo and Paula Contreras10 February 2012 at 10:41

    Hello Sarah!
    Our names are Nekane and Paula.
    Last weekend we did a lot of things.
    First we are going to write what Paula did last weekend. On Saturday morning I stayed at home. On Saturday afternoon I played a chess tournament against Miguel and I win. Then I danced in the youth center.On Sunday I stayed at home and I played on the computer.
    Now we are going to write about Nekane's weekend.
    On Saturday morning I played a basketball match with my team and we win. On Saturday afternoon I stayed at home. On Sunday morning I went for a walk and on Sunday afternoon I watched TV and played computer games.

  8. Hello Sarah! I'm Patrick and last weekend I went to Pradoviejo to play football, then I went to my house and played on the computer, later I went to the park and then I went to sleep. I love my weekend!

  9. Hi! Sarah.My name is Rodrigo.I went to played football.I went to house and watched TV.I went shopping to the market and I went to party.Bye bye.

  10. Alicia and Paula blanco (:10 February 2012 at 10:45

    Hi Sarah our names are Alicia and Paula Blanco And las saturday ate in the burger king, after were with our best friends: Berta,Lucia,Andrea,Paula Contreras and Victor in the youth center we were dancing.In sunday we shopping us like going shopping because is funny.
    BY:Paula and Alcia a kiiss (:

  11. Hello our names are Paula S and Paula J.
    The last Saturday we went to a birthday party. It was Paula J with Laura S ,Paula H ,Laura C and Alejandra birthday. We went to the cinema and we wathhced the movie 'Jack and his twin' later we ate a hot dog. Paula J. got some presents like a Justin Bieber board game.

  12. Hello Sarah. My name is Beatrice. Last Saturday I went to the park. After going to the park I went shopping with my family. on Sunday I went to watch a film with my sister and my brother.Write my soon.

  13. Alba López-Davalillo10 February 2012 at 10:51

    Hello Sarah.My name is Alba and last Saturday I went to a basketball match with my team.
    After the basketball match I had luch at Nura`s house. I had a good time.
    Last Sunday some friends from Labastida came home and stayed until nine ó clock.
    My last weekend was fantastic¡
    Write to me soon :) :3 :D :-p

  14. Hello Sarah my name is Miguel and the last Saturday I watched the TV and I went to a chess tournament, it was fun. The last Sunday I ate at my grandmam's house.

  15. Hello sara!!! My name is Víctor and the last Saturday I went to Calahorra to play a football match. On Sunday I went to the Cortijo.

  16. ALEJANDRO GARCÍA10 February 2012 at 10:52

    Hello Sarah my name is Alejandro and last Saturday I made some biscuits.I went to play football and I played computer games.On Sunday I watched a film and I went to bed.

  17. Hello Sarah
    I,m eva and last saturday I went to the supermaket and to the manege.I had a good time.
    bye bye